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Chromicons Seven Week Icon Challenge!!

Looking for a fun, easy, no pressure icon challenge?
Here we go again!

The rules have been tweaked since the last challenge, so read carefully :)

Basic Info:
  • There will be seven weekly challenges.
  • Participants will then have until the end of that week to post their icons to the community.
    • A minimum of ten icons to successfully fill a round.
      • EVERY SINGLE ICON in the set has to feature a person/character of color.
      • There is no maximum amount of icons per round.
  • Extra chromicons love: ICON TUTORIALS.
    • If you'd like to share how you made one of your awesome icons, go for it!
    • Minimum information for a tutorial:
      • Program used (GIMP, Photoshop, MS Paint, etc)
      • Method (a step by step instruction, example 1, example 2)
        • A tutorial doesn't have to be long to be informative but it can be if you prefer it like that.
    • Please post the tutorial in the same entry you posted your submission, after the icon set.
  • Respective to each round, participants may post at any time within the following dates (sincerely hoping I did the math right):
Round 1: Sep 19th - Sep 25th
Round 2: Sep 26th - Oct 2nd
Round 3: Oct 3rd - Oct 9th
Round 4: Oct 10th - Oct 16th
Round 5: Oct 17 - Oct 23rd
Round 6: Oct 24th - Oct 30th
Round 7: Oct 31st - Nov 6th
  • I am aware that timezones make things interesting so there is a 24hr-leeway.

I'll post the Round 1 challenge and sign-up post soon.
Questions? Ask them here.

Date: 2013-09-20 12:27 am (UTC)
yifu: (noa/asuma)
From: [personal profile] yifu
*glances at pile of work*
Yayyy chromicons icon challenge! *confetti*

Date: 2013-09-29 10:38 am (UTC)
amihan: red themed photo of a model wearing hanfu and lying facedown on a pillow ([gaspard ulliel] wings)
From: [personal profile] amihan
Yeay I'm glad this is back although I saw it late. I enjoyed working on the challenge last time. Can we still link to our own communities/journals in addition to posting at [community profile] chromicons?

Also, if you're still going to give away points at the end of the challenge, I have not yet used up the 120 points from the previous one. I'm offering the points, in case you need them. :)
Edited (oops sorry made a mistake in the code >>) Date: 2013-09-29 10:39 am (UTC)

Date: 2013-10-03 05:17 pm (UTC)
amihan: korean singer yozoh with her back turned and her hair up ([yozoh] hair)
From: [personal profile] amihan
Thanks (for the welcome and answer to question)! I might join in on Round 3 though since I'm too late for Rounds 1-2.


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