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After deliberating and receiving feedback, we finally have something to work from. The rules and specifications have been tweaked from the last post so please read carefully:

Looking for a fun, easy, no pressure icon challenge?
Here you go!

Basic Info:
  • There will be seven weekly rounds.
  • Participants will sign-up to fulfill each round according to its individual specifications.
    • You do not have to participate in every round.
    • Late sign-ups are allowed; it's just easier if I have everyone intending to post on record to make point tallying easy.
  • Participants will then have until the end of that week to post their icons to the community.
    • Each challenge fulfilled earns ten points.
      • 70 points maximum without the tutorial. 100 points with max amount of tutorials.
      • No points are docked for signing up and not fulfilling the round; the participant just won't receive the points for that round.
    • A minimum of ten icons to successfully fill a round.
      • Every single icon in the set has to feature a person/character of color.
      • There is no maximum amount of icons per round.
  • Bonus points:
    • There will be an opportunity to earn three bonus points per icon tutorial.
      • Minimum information for a tutorial
        • Program used (GIMP, Photoshop, MS Paint, etc)
        • Method (a step by step instruction, example 1, example 2)
          • A tutorial doesn't have to be long to be informative but it can be if you prefer
      • Limit two tutorials per round with a maximum of ten tutorials for the entire challenge (that's 30 extra points for grabs!)
      • Please post the tutorial in the same entry you posted your submission, after the icon set.
  • Respective to each round, participants may post at any time within the following dates:
Round 1: Sep 6th - Sep 12th
Round 2: Sep 13th - Sep 19th
Round 3: Sep 14th - Sep 20th
Round 4: Sep 21st - Sep 27th
Round 5: Sep 28th - Oct 4th
Round 6: Oct 5th - Oct 11th
Round 7: Oct 12th - Oct 18th
  • I am aware that timezones make things interesting so there is a 24hr-leeway.

I'll post the Round 1 challenge and sign-up post soon.
Questions? Ask them here.

NOTE: Your modly mod will be playing but will not be eligible for points.


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